Editing and Proofreading



Mandy is the nuts! This is British-ism for AWESOME, but she would know that as she IS awesome. With Mandy, you get an editor / proofreader who will pick apart every ellipsis and comma, without drowning out your own voice. She’s a great combination of chilled out and high maintenance. And she’s a little zany. She’ll let you decide what you want to do with her edits, but edit she will, until you’re seeing track changes in your sleep. She’ll catch those missing letters, and those words you’ve misused ‘cause they sound almost exactly the same as those other words you swore they were, even though they’re not. I’ve used her proofreading services and can highly recommend her without hesitation. She’s thorough, but fair – damn fast, too – and you’ll have a good laugh while she’s tearing you your manuscript apart. Take her on if you dare – you won’t regret it 😀

Dianna Hardy, May 2014


“I really loved the attention to detail and the comprehensive feedback Amanda gave. Not only did she ensure every jot, tittle and missing comma was in place … she let me know what made her laugh, what made her cry and what pulled her out of the story. She also gave an analysis on my characters, plot and location. Not once did she make me feel that any comment or change was mandatory and she was willing to discuss any questions I had on comments or changes she’d suggested. I was so impressed with her that I’ve already given her a second manuscript to dissect with her fine-tooth-comb and I have a third waiting in the wings.”

T.P. Hogan


“I have had the pleasure of working with Amanda a.k.a. The Picky Bitch;  she has edited both print and eBooks for me, and offered stellar storyline and continuity advice.  The level of professionalism is superb, and Amanda has a way of finding grammatical and storyline errors that others miss.  As amazing as she is, she’s also incredibly humble, and a true joy to work with.  I know when I hand over a book, that she’s going to treat it as if it were her own, and take as much pride in the finished work as I do.  I highly recommend The Picky Bitch for any authors who want a talented editor in their corner.”

R.E. Butler


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