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I guess by now, you’ve probably gone through editors and beta-readers among others and are heading down the path of Copy Editors. I can help. When you’ve been through your manuscript so many times you’re sick of it, I can help pick up those pesky mistakes that slip through the net. The commas, apostrophes, ellipses points, quotation marks and spelling errors that slide through those cracks and try to make it into your published work. I also tend to pick up other issues that arise too – a character name that doesn’t exist (or is already dead!), continuity points, the list is endless on what can go astray. I can weed these nasty felons out.

I mark all changes in Track Changes and Comments in Word and whether you accept those changes is naturally up to you. I’ll make comments or suggestions, rearrange sentences if they don’t quite work and generally be a pain in the rear because I give you more work to do!

If you’d like a ‘free sample’ of my work, please email me 500 words of your WIP and I’ll edit it for you at no cost. If you like what you get back, then please fill in the form or direct email me with all the details relevant and I’ll give you a quote.

I’m quirky and maybe not as professional sounding as some, but I go through manuscripts with a fine tooth comb. It may end up looking like a rainbow when you get it back, but at least you’ll know I’ve been thorough.



If you’d like to try out a different/new/additional Copy Editor, please use the form below so I can contact you with a quote for what you need done. Please be sure to give me as many details as possible to help this process. Thank you!


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