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Mid Year Madness…

It’s just ticked over to July 1st and midyear is officially upon us.

School holidays for 2 weeks for those of us in Australia and I believe elsewhere in the world are having mid year breaks too. We’ll be back to the mundane routine soon, so better make the most of the lack of need to run around like a headless chicken. Enjoy time off. Enjoy the ruckus of a full house during the day. Enjoy being asked every 5 mins for food or a new movie on TV. Just enjoy.

Find a project to keep them busy. Give them a book to read or a notepad to write on. An easle set up with paint and paper to test the creative waters. Anything to give you the time to keep editing! (yes, I know, it seems impossible, but I’m willing to try conquering the impossible!)

I’ll let you know in 2 weeks how I did… if my sanity is still intact.