Editing and Proofreading

Smell the roses!



It’s so much fun to find a new website and let your creativity roam. Thanks to one of my Facebook friends, I’ve discovered the world of making your own banners! What a buzz to be able to put a personal touch to something normally so mundane.

I’ve been wondering for a while how people are making these ultra cool banners for things like New Releases and Cover Reveals and really wanted a collection of banners to be able to brighten up the other blog. Well, I’ve done it. The Author Lowdown, Books Under Review and all the profiles of contributors now have their very own banner.

In the midst of reading to review and awaiting the next new job to edit, not to mention the daily grind to keep family and other work running smoothly (after school activites and the dreaded question “What’s for dinner, Mum?), it’s nice to step outside the working sphere and have a bit of fun – even if that fun did keep me up way too late! Life is for living and if we don’t step back every now and then to give ourselves a break, then we can’t enjoy the fruits of our labour.

So, step back, take a break and enjoy what’s going on in your life, no matter what’s going on.

Breathe deeply. Stand in moon beams. Stop and smell that beautiful rose garden – not just one, but all of them! Write a bad poem. Sing a song. Spin until you’re dizzy and want to vomit. Okay, maybe too far, but at least spin until you fall over! Take the much needed break from your day and just enjoy. Make some fun stuff to stick on websites. Tickle your kids until they’re giggling hysterically! Then, when you go back to the daily grind, you have something sweet to remember in the not-so-relaxing times.

With that said, I’m back off to work! A review read followed by a review/edit then the next beta/edit. That said, I’m going back to the latest review read that’s due tomorrow, then onto the next review/edit before the next job arrives in my inbox. Phew! Glad I took a moment to have some fun 🙂

Oh, and raiding the fridge for any chocolate, because it seems that writing/editing go hand in hand with chocolate.


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