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The Picky Bitch


Let me introduce myself.

My name is Amanda (a.k.a. ‘The Picky Bitch’) – Freelance Copy Editor, Proofreader and Beta-reader.
I love to edit romance of all sorts, beta read and brainstorm with authors and lend a helping hand wherever i can.  I earned my moniker by going to town on a manuscript and having the author contact me saying, “Wow, I really seem to have an aversion to commas!” My reply was that I was just a bit picky … and shortly after that came the name!

I am as thorough in my work as I possibly can be, even if it means driving my authors just a bit nuts. Which I do frequently! Especially when their manuscript resembles a rainbow with my markings and comments. Is it wrong that I get a small kick out of being annoying? Nah! Just keeps everyone on their toes 🙂

If you want to give my editing skills a test run, drop me a line and say G’day!